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Lonely Soul

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 24, 2013, 3:39 PM

Do you wake up in the morning and see something flash by your eyes and you start to wonder what it was? Well then you might have caught a glimpse of what a lonely soul looks like, not so happy now is it?

There are many stories told about lonely souls, how they feed on the living so they don't feel so alone all the time. But that is not the truth they are actually very nice they are just trying to find a friend in this big world but it is not so easy with everyone being afraid of you and all.

Also people say that these types of soul are souls of people who have been alone for their whole lives, no friends, people not noticing them when they walk through the hall ways of schools or when they walk through the cities, people not even knowing they exist.

That can be really painful for a lonely soul having to roam the earth knowing that they will not be missed when they die and have knowing that no one really cared for them when they were alive because no one even knew they were there. This is really painful for them because they know that they were never really accepted in this world dead or alive.

Look back at all the people that have been in your life and be glad that they are there, never take them for granted because if you do then you will never have a chance or a second chance to say that you're sorry because they might not want to see or talk to you or they passed away before you could, so like I said be thankful and never take your loved ones for granted. Thank you for reading this.


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United States
I love animals mostly wolves, and clouded snow leopards, my favorite mythical creature would be the dragon

sometimes when there is nothing to do at my home I will draw or listen to music, and mostly you will catch me playing video games either computer games or hand held games

the type of music I listen to is like SlipKnot, My Chemical Romance, Seerther, Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park, Eminem, Skillet, 30 Seconds To Mars, Nickel Back, there are a few songs I like from these bands

I like to go out sometimes and when I do I will go to Hot Topic or Spencer's in the Greenwood Mall I love those stores, sometimes I ride my bike or hang out with my friends when I get the chance. Other times I spend the night with my mom and grandma

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